Taylor Swift Has the Craziest Stalkers

Taylor Swift is dealing with a real life Stan situation.

Frank Andrew Hoover, a man who cannot be trusted with a name like that, has been stalking Swift and her family, threatening to end them all. Swift has a restraining order on the man, but that has not stopped him from emailing her and family members.

Here are someone of his crazy emails via the Daily Mail. They form a 122-page indictment stemming from the violation of his restraining order:

‘Decided that we are going to end all the Swifts on one day because I can’t stand that virus sh** your daughter spread.’

‘The evil family of devils: [her dad] Scott, [her brother] Austin, [herself] Taylor, Andrew. Sincerely, the end real son of god.’

This dude started emailing Swift’s dad after he could not meet her following an October 22 concert. If she didn’t want to talk to Andrew outside the concert, she didn’t have to. But she could have signed an autograph for his little brother, Matthew.

He recently told the New Hampshire police that he was Taylor’s boyfriend and that he needed a gun to protect her. I’m surprised he wasn’t given said gun. Maybe gun laws are improving and we just don’t know it.

He didn’t get the gun, but the police didn’t arrest him or anything. They just let him go, while warning Swift’s team. Yeah, that seems like the best decision.

This is not Swift’s first encounter with a stalker. Mohammed Jaffar broke into her apartment last February and called her management sixty times in two weeks. He was finally arrested after violating his restraining order and eventually committed to a state psychiatric facility.

Never let anyone tell you that Taylor Swift doesn’t have the craziest fans. I mean, just look at the price they’re willing to pay to see her in concert.

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