Vince McMahon Tried to Sexually Assault Someone Off-Screen for a Change

In news that will surprise zero percent of wrestling fans, Vince McMahon allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in 2006.

Yeah, the guy did this to a woman on national television.

This is less surprising than Jeremy Piven being accused of sexual assault. McMahon humiliated and sexualized women for years, every Monday on the USA Network. I’m shocked we haven’t had more sexual assault stories in wrestling come out.

According to this report, McMahon went to a tanning salon and tried to force himself on a 22-year-old employee.

Before he got on the [tanning] bed, McMahon asked the woman to take a photo of him with his phone so he could send it to his girlfriend in New York, she told police. When she handed the phone back to him, he began showing her nude and semi-nude photos of himself that were on it, she said. She then asked him to stop and said it was inappropriate behavior, according to the documents.


McMahon grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She said she put both of her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. McMahon continued to grab her, touching her waist and butt and attempting to lift up her button-down shirt while rubbing her breasts with the back side of his arms, she told police.

She said he managed to work her shirt up a few inches above her waist, but she pushed him off and got out of the tanning room. McMahon, she told police, then said “that he was only trying to have some fun.”

A police report was filed and authorities found that Vince did “intentionally touch the woman against her will.” However, no files were charged. McMahon denied the claims at the time.

Seeing as the charges were dropped and nothing came of this, it feels like a non-story. But with McMahon stepping back into the spotlight last week, announcing the return of the XFL, and every sexual assault story ever recorded becoming public knowledge, Vince is having his turn in the court of public opinion.

Is the story true? Charges were filed and there was a standard investigation that seemed to indicate truth in the story. Vince going to a tanning salon, flexing his muscles at 60 years old, and trying to impress a 22-year-old certainly sounds like a very Vince McMahon thing to do. As mentioned, the man did it on TV for years. This is literally the same guy who made no secret about affairs with his wife on the premise that it was nothing but a wrestling storyline.

The most surprising thing would be if this is the only story that comes out against Vince. Then again, the woman in that video above? She returned to WWE last night and participated in the Royal Rumble. No matter how much Vince humiliates his talent, they always come barking back.

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