The Weeknd Drops H&M, Who Respond With Massive Sale

Remember yesterday when we told you that H&M made one of the poorest judgement calls of any brand we’ve seen lately and went with a black kid as the model for their “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” hoodie and white kid models for other hoodies in the same line? That’s a whole lot of dumb on display.

The Weeknd, who has designed a few pieces for H&M, was so unamused by the shockingly poor decision that he announced on Twitter he was cutting ties with the Swedish brand.

In response to the controversy, H&M did the only sensible thing and put a bunch of stuff on sale for 80% off. Twitter reactions have been… interesting.

Despite the negative press this is getting, it’ll probably blow over. H&M wasn’t intentionally being racist, they were just so, so dumb. I’ll bet you they were so busy patting themselves on the back for using a black kid as a model no one stopped to think “maybe we should switch these hoodies.” But Hugo Boss is still a major brand and they were literal Nazis, so I’m sure they’ll be fine.

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