Meet the World’s Sexiest Dentist

Like most people, I hate going to the dentist. All the scraping and drilling, no thank you. Of course, if I had Dr. Marjan Nassiri as my dentist, I’d happily let her drill me. Errr… my teeth. And me. Just in general. I’m talking about butt stuff.

Yowza. Dr. Nassiri was profiled by the Daily Star after she was interviewed by the local news in Manila, where she practices dentistry.

Speaking to local news, Marjan said: “When people come to the surgery just to see me, it is kind of awkward and flattering at the same time…

“But at least they get to have their teeth checked and we can have a longer conversation about their oral health.”

Yes, Dr. Nassiri, let’s have a long conversation about healthy oral. Please, tell me all your thoughts on it.

Unfortunately for us, the world’s sexiest dentist seems to be taken, according to her Instagram.

I don’t know what #potatolife means, but I’m assuming it means that Dr. Nassiri is the sort of lovable sexy nerd her Instagram makes her out to be. You know, in addition to being drop-dead gorgeous.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get my teeth cleaned. In Manila. As you do.

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