Alex Trebek Wanted to Shove These Nerds into a Locker

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, don’t invite these morons.


They could not even muster a guess on any question. Tom Landry was the quarterback for which team? I know there are 32 teams, but even the most casual fans have heard of the Dallas Cowboys. Take a stab at it. You may lose $400, but losing your dignity on national television is far worse.

The best part is that Alex Trebek is so annoyed with these morons that he’s ready to strangle them right there. This is the first time in Jeopardy! history that Trebek looks like he has the worst job in the world. And his job is literally reading notecards and acting like the smartest man in the world.

This makes me believe that Jeopardy! should have more sports categories. I’m tired of these brainy people acting all smart because they can tell me some obscure painter from the 1700s or what war solved global warming. Trick question. That war has yet to be won. But, you get my point. Let’s knock these people down a peg or 20 and show them that, just because you know you’re history, you’re not smarter than us sports fans.

For the fun of it, I watched this video with my wife and had her answer all the questions. She didn’t know a single answer either. Thank God for that ass. She was able to name 20 out of 32 NFL teams, so she’s still sports smarter than Ryan, Sara, and Justin.

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3 years ago

Tom Landry never played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, or any other team for that matter. Maybe you have more in common with the contestants than you would like to admit. It’s better to be silent and thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

3 years ago

If someone doesn’t know everything that you know, then he’s an idiot? So … you take it for granted that everyone else in the world knows more than you, i.e. that you are the most ignorant person in the world. Humble, I guess.

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