Bella Thorne Is Promoting a Dating App Now

Is it sad when a celebrity invents a convoluted story about finding out her boyfriend is still on a dating app in order to promote an obscure dating app by pretending to go on it for revenge? Probably. I mean, yes.

The “story” is Bella Thorne found her boyfriend Mod Sun still active on dating app Badoo and took revenge by putting her profile up on Huggle. Right.

According to some PR person probably, Thorne took Mod Sun back after some sweet talking but now she’s promoting her Huggle profile on her Instagram stories.

Does anyone actually believe this? Instead of going on a popular dating app like OkCupid, Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel for revenge, she goes on the Badoo-backed British app Huggle?

This is actually genius on Huggle’s part considering Daily Mail among others already picked up the story. They probably already have thousands of new 20-something signups already getting dick pics.

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Loup Tigris

Rob, shut your relic mouth! you are old already brah, let the new douche bags on the block have their marry ways like you did and the rest of your kind that are now has been, back in the days!

kim bunchalastnames

bella’s casting herself as lindsay lohan in her own private stage play.


What idiot would have anything to do with this? She’s a moron.

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