Blac Chyna Has the Most Boring Sex Tape Ever

Sometimes, when you’re a journalist, you have to cover stories that you typically don’t want to cover and see things that you don’t want to see. This is one of those times.

No offense to Blac Chyna and her sex tape. But I don’t care about Blac Chyna and don’t want to watch her sex tape. There are enough sex tapes featuring someone named Chyna in existence. We don’t need more.

But we got more. And it’s out there on the internet. And I watched because I had to write this post. You’re welcome.

What a waste of a minute.

I don’t think celebrities should ever be embarrassed by their sex tapes because we all have one, but I would be embarrassed if my sex tape was bad. And this one is bad. She gives the laziest blowjob I’ve ever watched and I once watched a video titled “Lazy Blowjob.” It was a spoof off “Lazy Sunday,” for those wondering.

The user who leaked the video has been banned on social media, but the damage is done. Chyna has not commented on the video. And she shouldn’t comment. She should release the most bomb blowjob ever video to make up for this. Because there is no coming back from this unless another video comes out.

Rob Kardashian came under fire last year for releasing nude photos of Chyna that was dubbed as “revenge porn.” I’d say this qualifies as revenge porn as well. Someone is getting revenge for their lazy blowjob and putting Chyna on blast for it.

There were reports of a Blac Chyna and Tyga sex tape that was in circulation in 2016. The tape never came out and Chyna did her best to keep it under wraps. Now we know why.

I encourage everyone to search “Blac Chyna” on Twitter. Don’t watch the video. Save a minute.

But look at the reactions. Here are some of my favorites:

The police have been notified of the video. They should be issuing an apology shortly.

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