Chevy Chase’s Road Rage Ended Poorly for Him

Chevy Chase has officially entered “crazy old man” age.

According to Page Six, the actor got a case of road rage and paid for it. Michael Landrio, a 22-year-old UPS worker, said that Chase pulled up beside him on the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and then followed him until they came to a stop. At that point, Chase got out of his car and confronted Landrio.

“My friend opened his window and just said, ‘I apologize, we were just trying to go upstate,’” he said, adding that the Mercedes blocked their vehicle.

“You know who the f— I am?” Landrio said Chase screamed. “Then he started cursing at me for no reason and said, ‘I am going to ruin your lives!’ I said, ‘F— you!’

After that, Chase tried to enter Landrio’s vehicle. He succeed and attempted to punch the 22-year-old in the face, but missed. Landrio kicked him out of the car.

“I closed my car door and locked it but he was still trying to get in at me when a nurse and an off-duty cop escorted him away,” Landrio said.

Landrio was told that his attacker was Chevy Chase, whom he had never heard of. Even after googling him. Landrio said, “He didn’t look like he looked when he made his movies.”

I’m so excited to enter “crazy old man” age. No one questions you at that age. You’re not held accountable because you’re old and don’t have long to live anyway. People just accept that you going to do and say very dumb things and when you do it, they just move on.

Chase was hit with a count of second-degree harassment, which doesn’t sound all that bad at all. He’s an old man who thinks he can do anything. It’s cute.

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