Chris Brown Trying to Steal Money from Beyonce, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars

If you had “February” as the month Chris Brown would make headlines for being an idiot, congratulations. Our winner is you.

Chris Brown doesn’t deserve 10 percent even if this tour happens with him.

Chris Brown is the ugly friend in the group that doesn’t know he’s the ugly friend in the group. He’s so excited to be hanging out with three attractive people that he thinks he’s attractive, but really they only keep him around to make themselves look more attractive.

Except, in this case, Chris Brown wasn’t even invited to the group. He just saw the group of attractive and talented people hanging out and decided to butt in. At least he didn’t hit anyone. Yet.

Twitter made sure to put Brown in his place, not that he’ll get what he did wrong.

The sad thing is, if you look at the replies to Brown’s tweet, a lot of people support this idea. It’s honestly baffling how many fans Chris Brown has left. Get it together, people.

As we all know, this tour would never work. Not because Chris Brown once hit Rihanna and showed no remorse for his actions, ut because Chris Brown fans and Beyonce fans in the same arena would cause World War 3.

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