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Things don’t look great for Danny Masterson. He’s basically only been on one show anyone has seen since That ’70s Show ended, and he got kicked off of it for being a rapist. Well, technically he got kicked off of it because a Netflix executive told the wrong person that he and the other Netflix executives didn’t think he was a rapist, that person being one of the women Masterson allegedly raped. Now, according to Tony Ortega, a journalist who covers the Church of Scientology, the LA District Attorney’s office thinks Masterson is a rapist and are looking to put him in prison for life.

Now, what Masterson is accused of is pretty heinous, and The Church of Scientology has essentially been implicated in covering it up, telling women if they reported Masterson to the police they’d be labeled as “supressive persons,” which is Scientology code for “We will f**k your s**t up.”

Here’s how Ortega summarized the allegations, which are fairly disturbing:

Victim B told police that she had apparently been drugged at an April 2003 party at Masterson’s house, and when she came to she was being raped by Masterson. When she tried to struggle free, he allegedly choked her into unconsciousness. Victim C, meanwhile, told us that she was violently raped by Masterson even after telling him multiple times that she didn’t want to have sex with him. Like the other victims, Victim C believed that she had been drugged. “He flipped me over and just started pounding me. I was trying not to vomit. I said no like 50 times,” Victim C told us. “I was saying no a lot, but it didn’t matter to him. I kept trying not to puke on his bed while he was doing it. It was pretty brutal.” According to Victim A’s police report, “Vict went to bed and when she woke up and was bleeding from her anus. Vict confronted the suspect, he laug[h]ed at her and told her he had sex with her in her anus.”

And if you’re wondering how the Church, which bends over backwards to keep celebrity members happy because they want to use them to attract people to join, handled this, Ortega covered that, too.

Last year, for example, we reported that Victim B was “handled” by the Church of Scientology after her April 2003 rape by forcing her to go through months of counseling — known as auditing — at the Advanced Org of Los Angeles (AOLA) to search for acts of wrongdoing in her “past lives” that would explain why she had been victimized in her current life. Victim B spent tens of thousands of dollars on that counseling.

But then, on December 26, 2003, Victim B was given something called a “non-enturbulation order,” informing her that she was on the verge of being declared a “suppressive person,” Scientology’s version of excommunication. She was then ordered to report to the Hollywood Celebrity Centre for an interrogation known as a “security check.”

According to Ortega, the LA DA’s office is preparing to charge Masterson under state penal code 667.61, which carries a potential life sentence for the type of sex crimes Masterson is accused of. The DA isn’t so concerned with keeping Masterson’s good name clear so that Scientology can get more people to join their church and worship Xenu or whatever. They’re theoretically concerned with justice, but in a turn of bad luck with Masterson, they’re mostly concerned with winning cases regardless of actual guilt or innocence because the state uses prisoners for free labor. Those wildfires aren’t going to put themselves out, and Danny Masterson might end up spending the rest of his life fighting them for 15 cents an hour.

Editors note: Danny Masterson’s lawyers contacted us and demanded we remove this “false and defamatory” story. We’d like to apologize to Danny Masterson and his lawyers and retract the story.

The claims that Masterson butt-raped unconscious women is pure rumor put out by Tony Ortega and his anti-Scientology website (so say his lawyers. And why would we doubt them?). They brought to light a recent article from Us Weekly that the Los Angeles District Attorney is still investigating Masterson’s alleged crimes and have not filed any charges against Masterson. According to Us, they’re most likely gathering more evidence before they move forward with the case. Us Weekly says:

 “Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has asked the deputy district attorney Reinhold Mueller, handling the Danny Masterson rape investigation, for further investigation after the case was formally presented to her almost three months ago,” the source explains. “This case is being taken very seriously, and does have top priority within the sex crimes division of the office. Not because of Mr. Masterson’s celebrity status, but because of the heinous allegations by the alleged victims.”

Again, drugging and butt raping unconscious women are heinous, disgusting crimes. The US Weekly article goes on to say:

As previously reported, Masterson has been accused of sexual misconduct by five different women. The most recent allegation was made in December 2017 by his ex-girlfriend, Bobbette Riales. He has been under investigation by the L.A. DA’s office since March 2017, when four women claimed he raped them.

“There is frustration within the DA’s office because Mueller is confident enough with the case that he believes a conviction would be likely, but is being asked to get additional information, which is only taking longer,” the source adds. “This is a high-profile case, and it needs to be airtight before any decision is made about charging Danny Masterson.”

So, to reiterate to the five people who’ve read this story, allegations that a girl was drugged at Masterson’s house and was then raped and choked unconscious by Masterson are just that. Allegations.

The same goes for another victim’s allegations that she was also drugged and violently raped while begging Masterson to stop and trying not to puke in his bed.

This also holds true for a third victim’s allegations that claim she woke up bleeding from her anus and was told by a laughing Masterson that he raped her in the ass.

Again. These are all allegations. There is no proof yet. Just like there is no proof that Scientology moved to cover up these crimes to protect their celebrity member no matter how believable it sounds.

If you or any man or woman you know has been sexually assaulted, please report it to the authorities immediately.

If you feel you have been wrongly accused of raping women, please contact Danny Masterson and his lawyers for help on how to fight such heinous allegations.

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Jacqueline M
Jacqueline M
6 years ago

What a stupid article. Being a member of the church of scientology doesn’t make you guilty by association. Being accused during a time where everyone comes out of the woodwork and destroys men’s careers without proof… doesn’t make it fact. They have no evidence… until they do, he’s innocent until proven otherwise .. or should be anyway. It’s a scary time and climate when people can just say what they want and ruin someone’s life for it.

Nick Mcintyre
Nick Mcintyre
5 years ago

This still sickens me! Our justice system while not perfect still operates under the premise of innocent until PROVEN guilty otherwise known as “presumed innocence”. Imagine a climate in which a person is innocent until accused? No arrest, no trial, no sentence, just a few women who suspiciously came forward at the dame time. I won’t even count the earlier womans accusations as they’ve already been investigated and proven without merit. Even of the DA decided to arrest him, he would be pressimed innocent. Even of he went to trial, he would Br presumed innocent. Not until convicted by a… Read more »

Peter Blood
Peter Blood
5 years ago

Thank you “Jacque M. & Nick M.” for the official $cientologist self-serving (and couldn’t care about real justice less) point of view. Calling it a “stupid article” speaks volumes about your true motives here. Who do you cult morons think you’re kidding?

Apparently $cientology training includes a generous amount of IQ reduction. The shame is all yours.