Hopper From ‘Stranger Things’ Dances With Penguins Because He’s Famous

No one from Stranger Things has done more with their newfound fame than David Harbour. He plays Jim Hopper, for those wondering. Since he’s not one of the kids, you probably didn’t know his real name. You’re welcome.

Harbour likes to go on Twitter and do that whole “If you get this many RT’s, I’ll do something crazy.” It’s a really stupid thing and I blame you, guy who wanted chicken nuggets from a fast food restaurant.

Here is his latest stunt:

Sounds like a good cause. Greenpeace responded:

And the rest, as they say, is history. It should be noted that Harbour did not get 200K RTs. He got 28K. He failed and should not have been allowed to step foot on Antartica. But we live in 2018, where just trying makes you out to be a hero.

Here is your hero, dancing with penguins.

Alright, that’s cute enough to where I’ll let it slide that he didn’t even get half the RT’s needed for this to happen. Imagine asking your teacher, “What grade do I need to pass the class?” and she says “100” and you get a 14. But she passes you anyway. That’s not how the world works, David.

But it is when you’re the star of the hottest show on Netflix and know Millie Bobby Brown.

Sign the petition if you want. Harbour is shooting for 1.8 million signatures. But we’ll consider it a success if he gets 108.

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