Eugenie Bouchard Friend Zoned Her Super Bowl Twitter Date

Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard is that pessimistic sports fan who thinks the game is over before it’s over. Take a look at her Twitter from a year ago when the Patriots were down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

She wasn’t alone.

A keen gentleman decided to shoot his shot.

As you know, the Patriots mounted a comeback and won in overtime and John Goehrke got his date.

Fast forward to a year later. The Patriots were back in the Super Bowl. And who just happened to show up?

Awwwww. One year later and they are still together. Twitter is magical.

Well, not quite. John has been friend zoned over the last year.

In case you’re bad at reading signs, that’s a friend zone answer. “I just want what is best for her.” Meanwhile, she’s afraid to answer the question because she doesn’t want to embarrass him or give him false hope.

And, indeed, Bouchard and Goehrke are not dating. She’s dating hockey player Jordan Caron.

I can’t even be mad that Bouchard friend zoned this dude. He got a friendship with a famous tennis player and a trip to the Super Bowl off a tweet and an improbable comeback. That’s the dream. Sure, she’s dating a hockey player. But that hockey player is a fringe NHL player who will soon be jealous that his girlfriend is more successful than him. And when they break up, who will be there to lend a supporting shoulder?

The guy whose Twitter timeline is nothing but Tiger Woods and LeBron James praise. I’m jealous just thinking about it.

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