Garbage Person Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Break Salma Hayek’s Kneecaps

To quote Quincy Jones, Harvey Weinstein is a jive motherfucker. And if you doubted that, well, Salma Hayek added more to her story of sexual harassment by Weinstein when she recorded an interview for Oprah’s podcast. Also, Oprah has a podcast, because I guess she wanted to try being less successful than Kevin Smith at something.

The podcast isn’t out yet, but Entertainment Tonight was at the recording and shared some of the details of the interview.

She also revealed additional alleged details from her time dealing with Weinstein that she hadn’t previously written about, including claiming that Weinstein had told Frida director Julie Taymor, “I am going to break the kneecaps of that c-word.”

Here’s the interesting part about Harvey Weinstein and all these allegations. When, say, Bill Cosby was accused of rape, the people around him all commented on how out of character it sounded for Cosby, because he was such a nice guy. No one said that about Weinstein. The people closest to Harvey basically went “Yeah, I can see that, he’s always been a colossal dickhead”.

Hayek went on to admit that her good friend, Penelope Cruz, was “furious at me because I never told her anything.”

“I didn’t know there was so many women. I thought I was the only one. When it came out, then I was ashamed that I didn’t speak up,” she expressed. “And then when so the women came out… I felt like my pain was so small because there were so many others that had the same pain, but for me, it was so big.”

Hayek also told Oprah about how she struggled to write about her experience with Weinstein, saying she cried every time she reached for a pen to write the Times op-ed about how Weinstein had harassed her.

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