Jay-Z Won’t Even Give You the Whole Tip

The other week, we reported that Beyonce is a terrible tipper, but Jay-Z is usually generous with his cash. Welp, we were wrong.

According to my maths, 15 percent of $91,135 is $2,000 more than the tip Jay-Z left. So, he not only tipped less than the minimum you should leave (always tip 20 percent unless the service really sucks), but he undertips the percentage.

You don’t get rich by helping out others.

Not only did Jay-Z undertip, but he literally spent almost $100,000 on his own alcohol. That’s the definition of spending money to make money. If Jay-Z gets an actual 15 percent cut of all his alcohol sales, he legit walked out of that club making more money than the server did.

You get rich by helping out yourself.

Jay-Z and his crew were celebrating the birthday of Juan Perez, who is the president of Roc Nation Sports. They hit up three different spots in New York City, racking up a tab of over $110,000. Guess the other spots didn’t have Jay-Z branded alcohol.

Playroom is doing their part in being appreciative that Jay-Z even showed up to their club and not being angry about the poor tip:

Some have pointed out that Jay-Z probably didn’t pay for the bottles because he owns the product. So he just left someone $11,000 without spending a dime. In which case, that’s a nice thing to do. It’s also genius marketing because I had never heard of Ace of Spades and now it’s the only alcohol I want to try.

If I could afford it.

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