Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Timothee Chalamet Is Peachy Keen

Timothee Chalamet is one of the youngest actors ever nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor at age 22, being recognized for his role in Kevin Spacey: A Love Story.. er, I mean Call Me By Your Name. If I were Jason Biggs, I would be annoyed with all the attention that film is getting. You f**k a pie in a movie and your entire career is jokes about how you fucked a pie; you f**k a peach and have Armie Hammer eat it afterwards and you get nominated for an Oscar and Jennifer Lawrence tells Entertainment Tonight she wants to be the peach next time.

Yes, it turns out it girl and savior of democracy Jennifer Lawrence really has the hots for young Timothee, even though she was afraid he might be 15.

“Timothee, I’m waiting for him to get a little bit older, you know?” she confessed to ET’s Carly Steel last week. “[I’m] buttering him up like a pig for slaughter, and then I’m going to swing right in there as soon as he’s, like, 30.”

“He’s old enough to say that, right? He’s over 18?” she joked. “What if I was like, ‘He’s hot!’ and he’s 15?'”

I can see how she finds Chalamet attractive. He kind of looks like if Tom Hiddleston was in a boy band or a BelAmi porno film. Lawrence sounds genuinely interested in him, though, even if he is a little to young for her.

“I didn’t realize he was so young,” she said. “Tell him to wait!… [He’s] so, so talented and hot!”

It sounds like Chalamet is going to go through a lot of peaches waiting for J-Law.

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