Jerry Seinfeld Calls ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion ‘Possible’

Everything’s being rebooted and reimagined and reborn. Why not one of the greatest TV shows ever?

Jerry Seinfeld got everyone’s panties wet, especially NBC execs, when he floated the possibility of a Seinfeld reunion. It happened when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen led into her question by citing all the recent reboots of old sitcoms like Roseanne and Murphy Brown.

Seinfeld: “I think I know where you’re going with this, but why don’t you finish it.”

DeGeneres: “Do you think, Jerry there would be a possibility that ‘Seinfeld’ would come back?”

Seinfeld: “It’s possible.”

Did you hear that? It’s…”possible.” Just like it’s possible that some hot girl is gonna give you her number. Will it happen? No. Is there a chance? Well, there’s a chance we all die tomorrow, sooo, yes?

His Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee just moved from Crackle (does anyone watch that?) to Netflix. Of course, people are coming out to claim credit for the series because they smell dollar bills.

One Christian Charles says he pitched the idea to Seinfeld. Now, he wants a “Created by” credit on the show, plus a cut of all the money he says he’s lost. Per TMZ:

Charles claims Seinfeld called him back in 2011, and asked about the original concept — and they went on to shoot a pilot with Jerry in the driver’s seat. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jerry and his team were totally into it, and came up with production budgets and marketing plans.

Now the plot twist — according to the suit, Seinfeld got pissed Charles was claiming ownership interest in the show, and wanted to be paid like it. Charles says Jerry ditched him, and went on to produce the show without him.

Charles also says Seinfeld makes $750,00 (!) per episode at Netflix. That’s a lot for a web series that after ten years finally makes it to Netflix. I saw a couple of episodes, it’s not bad, but there’s so much content out there, it’s impossible to keep up with everything.

Don’t expect Seinfeld to come back for money. He’s made about $400 million off Seinfeld syndication money and signed a $100 million deal to move from Crackle to Netflix.

Meanwhile, Michael Richards is still trying to live down his N-word freakout.

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