Kanye West Spent Nine Hours Googling Famous Couples

Kanye West hasn’t been on Instagram in awhile. I didn’t notice. At the request of his wife, he returned on Valentine’s Day to tell her how much he loves her.

It all started with this photo:

From there, he went on to make 55 posts of famous couples, most of whom are no longer together.

He could have done all 55 posts about Pamela Anderson if he wanted to.

I’m not going to report all of Kanye’s posts. That’s a bigger waste of time than the nine hours Kanye spent googling “famous celebrity couples” and pulling photos. Who knows what Kanye’s point is. He did end his photo spree with the following two images:

Isn’t that sweet. Kardashian was a lot lazier with her Valentine’s Day post.

Then again, she can’t clutter up her feed with photos of people that aren’t her or something she’s not promoting.

Hope skipping leg day was worth all that trouble, Kanye.

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