Kevin Smith Is Alive!

Hey, remember Kevin Smith? If you do, I’m assuming you didn’t get laid much in high school. But Kevin’s movies gave us hope, not particularly because of anything in them, just that if that fat nerd could get Joey Lauren Adams to sleep with him when she was still hot, then we really could accomplish anything. Well, Kevin had a heart attack between shows for his podcast Hollywood Babble-On last night, but thankfully he’s okay.

Kevin’s got an episode of The Flash coming up later this year, but for the moment it seems like all of Hollywood is hoping he gets better and sending him well-wishes on Twitter.

Is Finn Wolfhard even old enough to watch R-rated movies? He’s like 12 or something, right? I wonder if knows you can change your embarrassing Twitter handle once you become famous.

Hey, that’s the award-winning director of Face Them, Elizabeth Gmaz, best known as “additional voices” in my podcast when we would do dumb s**t like have Vladimir Putin cover up Christmas aliens. Every word of that sentence is true. Other than the part where people listened to my podcast.

Hey, Floriana Lima is still around, that’s nice. I’ll bet she wishes she could make a single tweet without her mentions being flooded by nerdy lesbians asking her to go back to Supergirl.

By the way, that’s Adam Goldberg the Hebrew Hammer, not the Adam Goldberg who has the show Kevin is a director on.

That’s the Adam Goldberg with the show Kevin is a director on.

I didn’t realize Chris Pratt was so Jesusy. That’s kind of weird. Still, he seems like a nice guy, possibly the actual nicest guy in the world. I can’t imagine Pratt doesn’t bump into him in the hospital while visiting sick kids.

We here at The Blemish hope Kevin has a speedy recovery, too. Believe it or not, I didn’t get laid a lot in high school and I watched Kevin’s films almost religiously. My best friend and I probably could have acted out all of Clerks from memory. You know, except the part where they play hockey.

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3 years ago

These people have a career. Who the f**k are you?

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