Khloe Kardashian Not Into Pregnancy Sex

Want to know all about Khloe Kardashian having sex while pregnant? Too bad. You clicked the article. Now read it.

While answering fan questions on one of her five million apps, Khloe had the following to say about having pregnancy sex:

“In the beginning, sex was the same. As I got into my third trimester and started to get bigger. It became harder to have sex and a little more uncomfortable and limiting.”

That’s why you always have to lay on your side when you’re pregnant, Khloe. Everyone knows that.

Khloe was impregnated by boyfriend Tristan Thompson, a professional basketball player. Not just a a professional basketball player, but a center. What I’m saying is, Tristan Thompson is a big dude and trying to have sex while pregnant with a dude that big is probably really tough. Not that I’d know. I’ve never been pregnant or had sex with a NBA player.

Here’s what Khloe said about Tristan and how he didn’t view her as being any different:

“(Tristan) would never make me feel different in any way. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for a man to have sex with a pregnant woman too. Personally, I get uncomfortable and insecure. Also, you can’t move the same, so you kind of feel useless, LOL. But you just have to improvise and do the best you can.”

Advice for the fellas, you can never make a woman feel uncomfortable during pregnancy sex. You did that to her. Own it and enjoy it. Because you won’t be having sex again for a long time after the baby is born.

Khloe is still pregnant. I think. I’ve honestly lost track of which Kardashian is pregnant and which already had their baby. Is Khloe’s baby really Kim’s? Whatever, I’ll find out in 10 months when the episode airs on E!

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