Kid Pees on Elevator Buttons, Elevator Gets Last Laugh

You’ve probably never thought about peeing on elevator buttons. Maybe you’ve peed in the corner of an elevator. When you gotta go, you gotta go. But on the buttons that you may have to touch if you need to quickly close the door so someone doesn’t get on? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Well, some guy thought it’d be funny to pee on the buttons. And the elevator struck back.

It looks like he would escape without issue, but the elevator decided to tease him and then torture him. First, the elevator doors open on his floor, but quickly close. This process repeats before the lights start flickering like a low budget horror flick. The kid freaks out before the tape goes blank. Presumably, his life is taken by the elevator monster.

That’s not what actually happened, but it’s a much better ending. The real ending is that the boy was rescued by maintenance staff and he escaped unharmed. Boring.

There is never a good reason to pee on electronics. It has literally never solved anything. I don’t know what this boy was trying to accomplish. Maybe he wanted to the elevator to malfunction, but he should have waited until the doors opened before he started peeing, so he could make a quick escape. This kid clearly had no plan and he’s lucky that the elevator didn’t plummet as a result.

Next time, pee in the corner of the elevator like a normal person, kid. The elevator smells like pee all the same.

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