Kim Kardashian Gets Super Buff in Twitter Meme

Have you ever wondered what Kim Kardashian would look like if she could kick your ass? Me neither, but someone on Twitter did and his photoshopped pictures of a swole Kim went viral.

God, why do I find that arousing? I think I might need therapy after I finish this article. The pictures quickly became a meme, and the meme was dubbed Gym Kardashian.

You get the idea. Kim didn’t comment on the meme, but she did post a pretty cute picture of her with her husband Kanye West for Valentine’s Day.

Kanye, who hasn’t been on social media in months, signed back on to Instagram to post a note for his wife.

It’s cute. They’re a cute couple. I just need one of them to tell me if those are new arms on Kim’s body or Kim’s head on some super buff woman’s body. And if it’s the latter, do they have that woman’s e-mail and can they put in a good word for me? Also the name of their therapist.

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