Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Newest Accessory

Babies, kids, relatives, humans, they’re all just money-making machines to the Kardashians. Here’s Kim Kardashian posing with her newest cash register, Chicago. Of course she had to use filters.

It’s one of the few times we’ve seen Chicago, but no doubt that’ll change in five years. With all these Kardashian kids, we have the next generation of Kardashian reality shows set to go. That’s amazing. Too bad robots will overtake us and kill us. Oh, sweet release.

Out of curiousity, I read the comments on Instagram. 99% of the comments were people fawning over her baby, sucking Kardashian’s butthole and telling her how cute Chicago is.

Then there were people like this:

drawings_jlsThe most beautiful baby i have ever seen in the whole world😭😍😍😍♥️

That person needs to get out more.

hayls_johnson@ldj1986 she looks like a potato with a filter

Since it’s a kid, I’m not allowed to laugh out loud at that comment.

hannahehernWhy does kim have that slit on her lower lip?

That’s actually the one I wonder the most. Probably lots of people have that. Now I’m gonna have to study everyone’s lips to see if that’s true.

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