Kim Kardashian’s Ass Needs a Lot of Help to Get Ready

Take a look at these photos of Kim Kardashian.

Normal Instagram photos, right? Of course not. These photos took hours to look that good. Polaroids just don’t develop like they used to.

In case you thought Kardashian was someone who takes a selfie, posts it, and moves on with her life, think again. According to Mirror UK, she calls upon 12 experts to make sure she looks perfect.

Why is this surprising? It’s like doing a photoshoot in her own home instead of an abandoned warehouse. This is no different than what every other model does. Those Maxim (is that magazine still around?) photoshoots don’t come together in minutes.

The source goes on to say that Kim takes 200 pictures and then thumbs through them to find the perfect photo to post to Instagram. Again, this all sounds like a professional photoshoot to me. Finally, the source claims that Kim’s team lives with her and that they have their own text tone, which sounds like a fire alarm. And if they get a text at 3 a.m., they have to wake up and help Kim take the perfect photo.

Ok, now we’re into “this bitch is crazy” territory.

This looks like a a woman who just stepped out of the shower and decided to snap a mirror selfie. But it’s not. It’s a woman who took hours to get ready, needed the help of 12 people, and snapped 500 mirror selfies before deciding on that particular photo.

Here are more photos that wasted a lot of time and resources for a million likes that Kim could have gotten by posting a picture of her finger.

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