Kylie Jenner Names Her Baby and The Internet’s Reaction Doesn’t Disappoint

Kylie Jenner just had a baby. Her transition to becoming Kris Jenner is underway. The Internet was abuzz about the new baby’s name. Was it gonna be Mariposa? The Internet guessed the name, Spanish for butterfly, based on all the clues they gathered from Kylie’s social media pics. Some people have too much time.

Kylie is known to be a big fan of the beautiful insect. The pregnancy video was also filled with shots zooming into her insect-inspired rings, a butterfly-filled nursery and a few of the winged creatures on her baby shower cake.

Well, guess what Internet, Kylie pulled a head fake.

She called her new baby…Stormi.

Oooook. Now watch all the website domain hunters snap up anything with “Stormi” in the title.

How happy is she gonna be knowing that she planned out this baby name, only to have Stormy Daniels, the stripper and Donald Trump’s ex-mistress, in the news? So ironic.

Kylie hasn’t given a reason for this name. But let’s just say, Stormi is way easier to trademark and copyright than some normie name like Krissandra.

Twitter reactions are priceless as always.

When will regret set in for Kylie Jenner? Just wondering.

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