Lala Kent Is About That 2Pac Thug Life…On Instagram

I don’t know what a Lala Kent is. According to the story I’m citing, she stars in Vanderpump Rules. I don’t know what a Vanderpump Rules is, either. There’s only one family who rules, and it’s not Vanderpump.

Here are some Instagram photos of Lala Kent.

Now that we’ve established, sort of, who she is. Let’s get to her quote. Appearing on The Jenny McCarthy Show, here’s was Kent had to say about being a thug:

“I don’t know where that comes from, I mean I am a firm believer that when Tupac died he took over my body. I know you’re laughing but I’m being for real. I recently just got ‘thug life’ tattooed on me and I feel so happy about it. It’s by my…the inside ankle on my left and it’s up and down in my handwriting, it looks like a prison stamp.”

What the hell. Lala was born in 1990. She was six when 2Pac died. He did not take over the body of a six year old white girl. Maybe an 18 year old white girl, but not a six year old white girl. Somehow, they are going to say Pac has committed sexual assault for this.

She went on to say that she’s never been in a fight, but that she “gets to clapping.”

Here is what her Bravo TV bio says:

Lala Kent is still the most fabulous restaurant hostess in West Hollywood: she flies on private jets, drives a fancy Range Rover, and has a collection of Louboutins to rival Lisa Vanderpump.

Yeah, nothing says “thug life” like private jets, fancy Range Rovers, and a collection of Louboutins.

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