Melania Trump Used to Be a Duck

Here’s something you probably didn’t think you would see today.

That’s Melania Trump as the Aflac duck. Never in a million years did I imagine seeing the First Lady talking like Gilbert Gottfried. But here we are in 2018, watching Donald Trump’s wife quacking for insurance. What a friggin’ time to be alive.

The video was released in 2005 and no one paid attention to it because we didn’t care about Donald Trump’s wife at the time. It likely would have stayed under the radar, it it were not for Trump himself.

When speaking to an Aflec employee, Trump said, “Well, your chairman I know very well, and he’s done a fantastic job. And they actually, a long time ago, hired my wife to do a big commercial. You know that, right? An Aflac commercial. And I think it was a successful commercial, too.”

Of course it was a successful commercial. So successful that no one cared until Trump had to bring it up thirteen years later.

Melanie actually wanted to be known for saying “Aflac” the same way Trump was known for saying, “You’re fired.” It’s like she actually thought she was the one saying “Aflac” and that it wasn’t Gottfried’s voice coming out of her body.

It turns out, she did not become known for saying “Aflac.” She’s not known for saying anything. She’s mainly known for giving looks like this as she listens to her husband say things like “Fake news” and “Nine months is too long for women to give birth.”

Too bad no one can afford Aflec with this new tax bill.

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