Michael Fassbender Abuse Allegations Ignites the ‘Art vs. Artist’ Debate

My wife loves Michael Fassbender all because he showed his dick in that one movie. I have no opinion of Fassbender. He’s just an actor that blends into movies for me.

While some can’t see past Fassbender’s cock, others just think he’s a dick. While it’s not publicized the way any sexual abuse allegation is publicized in 2018, Fassbender does have a history of domestic violence.

Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews, who dated Fassbender in 2010, is his accuser. She filed a report that states Fassbender dragged her alongside a car. Here is what The Daily Beast writes on the incident in question:

One disturbing episode allegedly occurred when Fassbender, Andrews, and two friends dined at a restaurant. According to Andrews, Fassbender became enraged when one of her ex-boyfriends approached their table to say hello.

“Michael was drinking and became angry,” Andrews wrote, adding that, when it was time to leave, her worried friends followed them home. “Michael was driving my car dangerously fast and screaming at me. I begged him to stop the car in fear of an accident or for my children who were home asleep,” Andrews continued. “As we got closer to my house I put my car in stop. Got out walked around the car to pull key from ignition. Michael drove of[f] dragging me along from the car.”

Andrews claimed that Fassbender “stopped after he realized I could not walk and got out of car. He picked me up and put me in car as my friends pulled up behind us. They stayed the night to help calm things.” She woke on Nov. 29 “in a deep sweat and pain with vaginal bleeding,” her petition states. “I went to the hospital and had a twisted left ankle, blown out left knee cap and a bursted ovarian cyst,” Andrews continued. “Lots of internal bleeding.”

That doesn’t sound very good. In fairness to Fassbender, a friend who stayed with them that night says that she did not see any abuse take place. Just that the two had a fight.

In a separate incident, she alleges that Fassbender threw her over a chair at a film festival in 2009.

Andrews was granted a restraining order against Fassbender.

Because no one mentions Fassbender’s past abuse allegations, it’s led to a discussion of “art vs. artist.” Famed author Judy Blume stated, “Where we may differ is, ‘Is it OK to enjoy the art of someone who we now know may have been abusive to women?’ To me, the answer is yes, I can.”

As a wrestling fan, this is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time. Chris Benoit is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history. He has a number of classic matches and moments that I enjoyed watching live. He also killed his wife and child before killing himself.

Since the double murder suicide in 2007, it’s been tough for me watch Benoit segments without thinking what he did. Like an actor, he’s just one man in a large cast. He was rarely the star, but always played a solid supporting role. When watching a full event, he shows up. I don’t skip his match or segment, but I don’t appreciate it in the same manner.

Murder is worse than any type of assault and wrestling characters are closer to real life personalities than a movie character portrayed by an actor, but the question remains the same.

I think there is always that separation, depending on how much you enjoy the art. If you already dislike a certain artist, any allegation against them makes it easier for you to dismiss their art. But if you think Fassbender is the greatest actor of all-time, you’re more likely to overlook his past and continue to enjoy his movies. You just qualify any statement.

“I know he used to beat his girlfriend, but damn if he wasn’t great in the X-Men movie.”

We all separate art versus artists. We have to. But most artists only make beautiful art because they are screwed up in some way.

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