Nelly Furtado Proves That Anything Is Possible with New Thiccc Body

Nelly Furtado is like a bird. She’ll only fly away.

But she’s take some extra carry-on luggage with her.

What in the hell? For reference, this is what Nelly Furtado looked like in 2006.

She’s thin with some ass. Now she’s triple C thiccc with all the ass.

I don’t know if she has a ton of padding underneath or what is going on. But damn. I didn’t know people could transform like that. Furtado is 39 now, but this isn’t “getting fat with age.” She’s not fat because her legs and ass are growing in proportion with waist.

Furtado split from her husband in 2016. She’s been seen with music producer Hodgy Beats recently. Are the two connected? Probably. Whenever you go through a divorce, you want to change and better yourself, to show that you didn’t screw up, they did. Furtado definitely accomplished that. And dating a new man will always lead you to being your best self early in the relationship. She’s her best self right now. And God bless her for it.

Furtado started trending on Twitter over the weekend the same time Fergie was trending. I’d say Furtado won that war.

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