The NRA Pissed Off the Entire Cast of ‘Parks and Recreation’ Last Night

In the wake of the latest high-profile school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the NRA has been floating all sorts of insanity. My favorite idiotic idea is “let’s give the teachers guns!” I wonder which of my high school teachers should have been armed with a deadly weapon: the history teacher who was fired for physically abusing multiple students, the math teacher who got caught with child pornography, the French teacher who had a nervous breakdown because her students were so mean to her or just the half-dozen or so in their 60s or 70s.

But they really crossed a line when they used a gif of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation to support their guns before children agenda.

It’s funny on the face of it because while the beloved NBC sitcom tried to steer away specific political issues, the character Leslie Knope was a Democrat. The tweet caught the attention of the show’s creator Michael Schur, also known as Ken Tremendous.

Schur didn’t stop there, he was tweeting about the NRA all day.

You know who else had something to say about the NRA? Most of the rest of the cast of Parks and Recreation. Adam Scott, who played Leslie Knope’s husband Ben Wyatt, addressed the tweet directly.

Nick Offerman, who played libertarian crazy person Ron Swanson but is, in actuality, basically exactly the same but left-wing instead of right-wing, had some more colorful language about it, and cast mate Aubrey Plaza agreed with him.

Offerman also had this to say to Todd Starnes, who is apparently some Fox News clown who was very mad that a high school kid who almost got murdered was rude to a Senator who wasn’t going to do anything about it.

While other cast members didn’t directly address that tweet themselves, Jim O’Heir, who played Garry Gergich, retweeted these Rachel Dratch tweets about the people claiming the survivors of the Florida shooting were paid actors and implying their friends weren’t actually killed.

Billy Eichner also weighed in, retweeting Schur and Offerman and offering a hilarious retweet about NRA spokesman Dana Loesch from The Librarans and Judging Amy producer and writer Paul Guyot as well as his own thoughts on the matter.

This might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You can bribe politicians to put the profits of gun manufacturers before the lives of American citizens for nearly 40 years, but you don’t mess with Leslie Knope.

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