Olivia Culpo Wears Nothing but Words

Olivia Culpo won Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012. Now she’s being photographed by Sports Illustrated with words on her body.

Let’s try to make a sentence or two out of her words. Olivia Culpo is a WOMAN who feels PAIN, speaks TRUTH, and LOVEs through STRENGTH. She TRANSFORMS SHAPES despite being IMPERFECT. This is a fun game. How many sentences can you create using the words on Olvia?

So, what’s Culpo up to nowadays beside posing naked with words?

Oh, that sounds interesting. Lets check it out. I Feel Pretty stars Amy Schumer playing an average looking girl with confidence who takes on the world. Ah. I get it. It also stars the perfect Emily Ratajkowski. HAPPY EMRATA DAY!

Despite claiming this is “her new movie,” Culpo is not listed on IMDB as being in the movie. Guess she’s a surprise cameo. Thanks for ruining the surprise, Olivia.

Culpo is still dating New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola.

She seems very excited about the Patriots leading 33-32 in the fourth. Wonder how that turned out for the Patriots.


I’m sure going home to Culpo helped ease the PAIN for Amendola.

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