Philadelphia Eagles Fan Makes like Tom Brady and Eats S**t

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday. As far as I know, Philadelphia is still standing. I haven’t actually checked because I don’t care enough about Philadelphia. If it dies, it dies.

If you’re a serious sports fan like me, your team winning the Super Bowl is better than getting married. You’re willing to do crazy things off the biggest sports high that you could experience. You’re willing to jump from high places or set things on fire. You’re willing to run out in the cold naked. Nothing is off limits because nothing can bring you down from this high.

Not even poop.

Respect to this fan. He’s an idiot, but mad respect. He’s so elated that the Eagles won that he was willing to eat horse poop. I don’t know if horse poop is better or worse than any other poop and I have no intentions of ever finding out. My guess is that it’s worse because it comes out of a horse. I just assume that the bigger the animal, the worse the poop.

Horses are big animals.

There are so many great things about this video. First, the fact that he’s willing to do it in the first place. This is the kind of sports fan that you need around. The “I’m willing to eat s**t if my team wins” sports fan. Because he’s going to do anything to cheer you up if your team loses and he’s willing to be the most embarrassing person if your team wins.

You may have dry humped another man. But you didn’t eat s**t.

The second is the buildup. He’s dancing around, not because he’s having second thoughts, but because it’s like some poop eating ritual for this man. This is a man who has eaten poop before. After that, he has to move the scarf because brown and green just don’t mix. Except…in poop. Then he wants to quiet the crowd to really build the suspense.

And he dives right in with no second thought.

God bless you, idiot Eagles fan. I’m willing to bet this guy cleaned his mouth with a Tide Pod when he got home.

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