R. Kelly’s Sex Home Has No Guests

Remember the alleged sex cult that R. Kelly was running last year? It was my favorite story of the year.

It died down at the end of the year and really went nowhere, except for stuff being stolen from it.


Actually, it’s gone.

According to The Grapevine, the sex house was hit with an eviction notice as Kelly has not paid rent in two months. How much is rent? $11,542.45. When you divide that up among six or seven sex slaves and their handlers, it’s really not that much.

The report says that the home looks abandoned, which isn’t surprising considering there is no sex house and the whole thing was an elaborate ruse to defame the greatest R&B singer of all-time.

Kelly has moved on with his life since the whole sex cult story came out late last year. According to his Twitter, he’s been in the studio working on a new album. I hope there is a song called “House Party” on the album and it features all of the women he promised to make famous over the years. Slang that wood, R. Kelly.

Kelly’s album Chocolate Factory came out 15 years ago on February 18. 15 years later and the remix to “Ignition” still sounds hot and fresh out the kitchen.

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