Terry Crews Isn’t Backing Down After Dick-Grabber Adam Venit Tried to Have Him Fired from ‘Expendables 4’

I truly believe that one day Terry Crews is just going to collapse in on himself and turn into one giant ab. Before that happens, he’s going to see to it that Adam Venit sees some sort of punishment for grabbing his dick. In case you forgot, Crews detailed the incident in a Twitter thread a few months ago, and it boils down to Venit just walking up to him at an event and grabbing his dick while smiling at his wife, which is the sort of thing a sociopath does.

Terry Crews is suing Venit for this, and in December TMZ reported Crews was worried that Venit might retaliate against him.

Crews says he met with WME’s chairman Ari Emanuel, who apologized for Venit’s behavior. Crews says he told Emanuel he feared retaliation, but Emanuel said Venit “did not have that level of power despite his title as head of the Motion Picture Department.”

Crews says he’s suffered psychologically and says he has never felt more emasculated and objectified. He says he worries about Venit’s power in the industry and hurting his career.

Well, guess who turned out to be right about that despite assurances from WME? Did you say Terry Crews? You’re so smart, you get a gold star.

Crews tweeted out:

Management got a call last week from Avi Lerner producer of EXPENDABLES 4 saying I could avoid any “problems” on the sequel if I dropped my case against @WME.

Guess who’s Sly’s agent?

That’s pretty fucked up. There has to be some sort of law against that, right? At least a SAG rule. Hopefully bringing this to light will mean consequences if Crews really does get pushed out of the new installment.

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