World’s Worst Police Sketch Actually Identifies Suspect

A joke that borders on cliche is a police sketch artist who can’t draw producing a stick figure or something. It’s so common that there’s a page on TVTropes dedicated to it and I’m linking to it, so you’re about to lose the better part of an afternoon falling down that internet rabbit hole. There should be a law requiring “Cat’s in the Cradle” to play when you go to TVTrope so you realize what you’re missing while you piss your life away learning about Black Leg Sanji had a messed-up wanted poster in One Piece.

Well, police in Pennsylvania got a sketch that would feel right at home in one of these TV shows, one that actually looked a bit like Monkey D Luffy or possible Bob Denver playing Gilligan. But the terrible sketch lead police to identify a suspect in the robbery.

Wow, those are some beady eyes. If there was an award for beadiest eyes, this guy would win it, but no one would believe it was actually him because he has such beady eyes. That’s probably what reminded the police officer seeing the sketch, provided by a witness, of the suspect.

Police are now looking for the man, 44 year old Hung Phouc Nguyen, AKA Walton Goggins, on two counts of theft by unlawful taking.

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