Amber Rose Still Sniffs 21 Savage’s Dirty Drawers After Their Breakup

No Eskimo kisses with Amber Rose. She probably got dookie residue on it.

Rose confirmed she and 21 Savage split up recently on REAL 92.3 L.A.’s “Big Boy Neighborhood” show last Friday.

“Am I single? To be in a relationship in general is very difficult. To be famous and in a relationship is even more difficult because you have, like, teams and people and everybody feeding ya’ll both stuff and then you wind up arguing about things that you wouldn’t usually argue about.”

She went on to say, “But I love him. I really love him, I miss him. I think about him everyday.”

Oh, and she also added this tidbit about 21 Savage’s underwear:

“I still sniff em, I was just sniffing em before I got here. I miss that motherfucker. If you don’t love the smell of your man’s private area, then you don’t really love him.”

Some people look at old pictures of themselves together. Amber Rose falls face first into her old boy’s used underwear like Al Pacino from Scarface going deep into a pile of coke.

And no, I don’t miss any ex-girlfriend’s private parts. Vagina smells icky!

Rose has had to deal with a lot of trouble recently. Not just breaking up with 21 Savage, but dealing with people calling her kid gay. Taylor Swift sent Rose and her kid, Sebastian, a gift box and tickets to see her concert. That’s when people called her son gay.

Rose clapped back at the online bullies, saying “This is why young kids kill themselves and this is also why our society is so fucked up. Liking a certain type of music will not make you “pick” your sexuality you dumb fucks.”

Yea, leave people’s kids out of this. Now that you know his mother misses her man’s dick scent, feel free to make fun of her for that.

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