Chrissy Teigen Is Eating a Lot Hoping to Make Her Butt Bigger

Chrissy Teigen is pregnant for a second time and based on a recent tweet, she’s still doesn’t know how pregnancy works.

The belly, Chrissy. The baby adds weight to your front, not your back. Some brave Twitter user tried to offer her advice on how to add more weight to her butt, but pregnancy brain get the best of the SI covergirl.

Another tweet shows that Teigen has been hanging around other pregnant women, who are bragging about putting on less weight than the supermodel.

The baby of Teigen and husband John Legend is expected to make its world premiere sometime in the spring.

Pregnancy cravings have currently overtaken Chrissy, who has spent most of her time on Twitter talking about food.

I’m 90 percent certain Chrissy gets pregnant just so she can eat whatever she wants without having to visit Dr. Squats.

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