Conor McGregor Can’t Act, Is Still Rich

Conor McGregor remains the biggest star in MMA despite never fighting in MMA. He landed a gig with Burger King to promote their spicy crispy chicken sandwich. Because when you want a good chicken sandwich, you go to a place called Burger King.

McGregor looks as natural in this commercial as he did in the boxing ring. This is a far cry from the guy who looked passable as an actor in those horse jockey skits last year. However, it’s not exactly unexpected. Charismatic fighters always look out of their element when they aren’t trash talking opponents.

But all that trash talking is putting Conor Jr. through college. I don’t know how that helps sell a spicy crispy chicken sandwich, but it helps Conor’s bank account.

This isn’t Conor’s first commercial, but it is the first one where he has an active speaking role. The people behind the Beats by Dre commercial were smart enough to give the teenagers the big speaking part in this commercial:

And Budweiser had him do narration because walking and talking at the same time is too hard:

The geniuses behind Burger King didn’t get the memo or didn’t see this cue card reading abomination from McGregor last year:

Despite his poor acting, McGregor is making more from Burger King than 95 percent of UFC fighters under contract. It’s good to be the king, even if you have to promote chicken sandwiches.

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