Corey Feldman Was Stabbed?

Corey Feldman has lost it, folks.

According to TMZ, Feldman claims he was stabbed with a syringe while stopped at a traffic light. Feldman alleges that while stopped at a traffic light three men approached his vehicle, distracting his bodyguard. While this was going on, another car pulled up to the scene. A man jumped out of that car, stabbed Feldman with “long and sharp” object, and then fled the scene.

Feldman was taken to the hospital in stable condition. However, officers found no evidence of a stabbing on Feldman’s abdomen.

Officer Luis Garcia told RadarOnline, “Mr. Feldman had no puncture wounds or lacerations on his body, anywhere, when police arrived to take his report.”

Furthermore, Feldman couldn’t describe his attacker or the weapon of choice. He did manage to provide an all caps updates on Twitter.

As you can see by the last tweet, Feldman believes that the “Wolfpack” is behind this stabbing. The Wolfpack was last seen in Las Vegas.

In the latest update provided by TMZ, Feldman changed his story a bit. He now claims that he was being followed and his security guard shined a flashlight at the other car. At the light, a man exited the car to confront Feldman’s security. While that was going on, another man from the same car got out and stabbed Feldman. Cops are now saying there is a mark on Feldman’s body.

In conclusion, Corey Feldman may have been stabbed by a member of the Wolfpack. Unless he wasn’t.

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