Danny Amendola Drops the Ball with Olivia Culpo

It’s been a rough two months for Danny Amendola. First, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Eagles. And now, he’s lost girlfriend Olivia Culpo

Fans connected the dots when they noticed that Amendola unfollowed Culpo on Instagram. If that wasn’t enough, he deleted all the pictures of them two together. Culpo still has photos of her and Amendola on her social media pages, but was spotted reading Burn the Fairy Tales and Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone during her weekend trip to Las Vegas.

The NFL wide receiver and Miss Universe 2012 had been dating for two years after meeting in Los Angeles. Now that he’s living in Miami and playing for the Dolphins, something tells me Amendola won’t be spotted without a girl on his arm for long.

It certainly didn’t take Culpo long to move on. Her Instagram is filled with photos and videos from her girls weekend in Vegas.

As for Amendola, when he wasn’t busy deleting pictures off his Instagram, he was hanging out with former teammate Julian Edelman in Texas.

Neither party has confirmed the split and we’re less than a week away from April Fool’s. Maybe Danny and Olivia are getting an early start. But based on the evidence, it’s safe to assume that Amendola will be looking for a new catch off the field this season.

Check out photos of them from better times.

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