Demi Lovato Will Slide into Your DMs and Kick Your Ass

Demi Lovato has a song where she asks, “What’s wrong with being confident?” (yeah yeaaahhhh). She practices what she preaches because she is not afraid to make the first move. In a new interview with InStyle, Lovato states, “I’m normally the first one to make the move. I’m always the one who says, ‘Let me get your number.’ Or I slide into their DMs on Instagram,”

Of course, we already know this. In January, we saw Demi thirsting after Superman on Instagram with the most irrational confidence one could have.

If you want to shoot your shot and slide into Demi’s DMs, all you have to do is “treat her like a queen.” It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female as Demi describes her dating life as “very fluid.” Lovato has been linked to men and women since her longterm relationship with Wilmer Valderrama ended two years ago.

She went through a phase where she dated no one but MMA fighters. Then she was seen at Disney World with female DJ Kittens. For now, she is single and looking to find Mr. Right in the Instagram DMs.

One man who won’t be get a nice Instagram message from the singer is Perez Hilton. The two are beefing after this Twitter exchange:

Yes, Perez Hilton is still a thing in 2018. If I were a betting man (and I am), I’d bet the house on Demi if these two were to throw down. She told InStyle, “If I were in some sort of danger, I know I could easily break somebody’s arm or choke them out.”

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