Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife: ‘Wait, You’re the One With the Retarded Dad!’

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump may be headed for a divorce according to friends who told Page Six. The two are allegedly living separate lives and filing for divorce soon. This after a letter addressed to Donald Jr. was found to have some mysterious white powder in it. Luckily Vanessa opened it and not Donald Jr. or else he’d have snorted it thinking it was a shipment of cocaine from the dark web.

Anyway, that’s not the best part. The best part there’s retrospective on their relationship which included an anecdote about how they met which may be the greatest meet cute I’ve ever read.

In 2006, Vannesa told the NYT that within the span of five minutes Donald Trump tried introducing her to his son twice at a fashion show. The resulting awkwardness did not make for a great first impression.

Six weeks later, the two ran into each other at a mutual friend’s party. Neither recognized each other until an hour into the conversation. Presumably because the memory of their first meeting was so repressed that only Indiana Jones could unearth it.

And when the where, when and why of how the first met finally dawned on Vanessa she blurted out, “Wait, you’re the one with the retarded dad!”

It could have been worse, Vanessa could have repeatedly slapped her chest with the side of her limp hand and asked, “Is your dad weetadeed?” Though I wouldn’t put it past her. It was 2006. Times were different then.

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