Drake Blows Up Twitch Streaming ‘Fortnite’

If you’re not familiar with Twitch, it’s a video game focused streaming website that lets users live stream gameplay and video game-related programming, and it’s really been challenging YouTube in the video game content sector as YouTube has become increasingly hostile to content creators because Logan Paul is a douche. And last night Twitch had its biggest night ever when the kid who got shot on Degrassi hopped on stream to play one of the most popular games in the world right now.

I’m not talking about Ryan Cooley’s League of Legends stream, that only got like ten viewers. I’m talking about Drake, the world-famous rapper and Beyonce pisser-offer.

Drake joined streamer Ninja on his stream, and the two teamed up with Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster and fellow rapper Travis Scott to play Fortnite, the hot new battle royale game. The squad brought over 600,000 viewers, easily surpassing the previous record held by some dude playing League of Legends.

During the course of the stream, we also found out that Drake likes pineapple pizza, which is sure to divide the internet and possibly lead to some sort of holy war with people who don’t like Hawaiian pizzas.

The stream produced like, every trending topic on Twitter last night, as Drake, Ninja, Fortnite and Twitch were all trending, because everyone wanted to see Drake’s avatar run up some steps that appeared out of thin air over and over and occasionally shot at someone. Which I suppose is more interesting than season six of Arrow, at least.

Oh yeah, and apparently Kim Dotcom was there, too. I guess he’s got to be somewhere. Just like every party he’s ever been to, the stream didn’t really take off until after Kim left.

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