Everyone in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal Sounds Terrible

Cambridge Analytica harvested user profiles from Facebook for use in psychographic profiles which may have helped Trump win the presidency. You can read about the architect turned whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, behind the tech that Cambridge Analytica used for targeted advertising here. You can also read about Cambridge Analytica bragging about using fake news, Ukranian hookers and bribes to influence elections.

Anyway, Facebook suspended the account of the whistleblower which seems unfair.

But then again if you read what Cambridge Analytica has to say about him, it sounds like everyone in this story is awful.

Aw, poor baby can’t curate his online identity as The Millennial’s first great whistleblower? I don’t know what’s worse. These guys winning Trump the presidency or this whiny millennial baby? Ok, the Trump presidency is worse, but this guy comes a close second.

Ugh, but Cambridge Analytica.

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