Fred Savage Wasn’t a Fan of Females on ‘The Grinder’

You probably didn’t watch The Grinder on FOX. It starred Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, he’s the one from Wonder Years, no Boy Meets World.

According to TMZ, females on set would grind the nerves of Savage, so much so that he would routinely snap at them and force them to look away when he was around.

Youngjoo Hwang claims that Savage shot her dirty looks, rolled his eyes and aimed profanities at her on set during 2015. Hwang says that Savage would scream things like “It’s so f**king annoying that I have to be nice to you when I f**king hate you!” at her.

When Hwang tried to dust dandruff off Savage’s suit, he allegedly struck her in the arm three times while yelling “Do not touch me with your hands” at her.

Hwang reported the incident, but was told, “I’m not even sure what Fred did constituted harassment and I don’t think you should report it to H.R.”

Savage released a statement on the matter, denying the allegations:

“These accusations are completely without merit and absolutely untrue. Fox conducted an extensive internal investigation into her claims, a process in which I fully participated. After concluding a thorough investigation, Fox determined that there was absolutely no evidence to support these accusations. None of her claims could be substantiated because they did not happen.

I have been working in the entertainment industry my whole life and have always endeavored to treat everyone on any set I work on respectfully and professionally. While none of the accusations being leveled at me are true, I wholeheartedly support all people who feel they are being mistreated come forward and speak to human resources and those in charge. We have witnessed so much bravery from those speaking out recently, but I will just as boldly protect myself and my family from those seeking to tarnish my good name. I cannot let these people in particular denigrate me while harming the message of thousands of women and others who have suffered and continue to suffer.”

FOX backed up Savage, saying they investigated the issue and found no wrongdoing. Hwang and her team says that FOX did not conduct a proper investigation.

Savage was hit with a sexual harassment suit in 1993 when he was the star of The Wonder Years. The suit was dropped and settled out of court. Alley Mills, who played Savage’s mother on the show, called the suit “ridiculous” and said, “(Savage) who is like, the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the Earth.”

Ben Savage was always better, anyway.

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