Jonah Hill Is Jacked and Taking Over Instagram

Jonah Hill became famous as the lovable, slightly overweight kid, from Superbad. Now, Hill is giving Channing Tatum a run for his money with the shape he’s in.

Hill has been in shape for a while. We all remember saying, “Is that Jonah Hill?” when watching Moneyball. Now we’re saying, “Is Jonah Hill on steroids?” while admiring his photos on Instagram. Oh yeah, Jonah is now on Instagram, in case you care about that stuff.

No one actually cares that Hill is on Instagram. All they can talk about is Hill’s body.

One user did remember Jonah’s line about there being nothing funny about a man in shape.

However, not all fans prefer Skinny Jonah.

Hill already has 11 posts on Instagram. The Kardashians better look out. Jacked Jonah is coming for that number one spot.

The formerly festively plump actor is currently working on Mid 90’s, which is a film about dial-up internet. Hill lost his brother, Jordan Feldstein, to a heart attack months ago. A cause of death report listedΒ obesity and pneumonia as contributing factors. That could be a reason why Hill has decided to take better care of his body.

Whatever the case might be, good on him.

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