Justin Theroux Getting Buff for Big Return to Obscurity

Since Justin Theroux and his famous wife Jennifer Aniston split, he’s been seen around town with photographer Petra Collins, who is certainly better off behind the camera. Now ET is reporting Theroux is hitting the gym to get a “revenge bod”.

“Justin has been hitting the gym hard since the split,” says the source. “He’s been working out for over an hour every day at Gotham Gym. Boxing is a big part of his workout routine.”

Theroux has been spotted numerous times in the past few weeks biking to the upscale gym in Manhattan, and the source says it’s because he “loves working out.”

“Not only is it great to get ripped, but it’s a good way to clear his mind,” the source says. “He’s always in a better mood after a workout.”

The source explains that, while he has “always been in good shape,” the Mute actor is now “more committed to a consistent regime” and working toward “his revenge bod.”

That working out is going to be useful for him in six months when he’s delivering futons.

His dedication to physical fitness isn’t the only change Theroux has undergone since the split. He’s also returned to his preferred low-key lifestyle.

I have a feeling things are about to get super low-key for Justin. If he liked obscurity, he’s going to love the next chapter in his life. I have a feeling people aren’t exactly beating down the door for the next opus from the guy who wrote Zoolander 2.

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