Katy Perry Has Always Loved Her Big Boobs

Katy Perry has always been obsessed with boobs. This is the same woman who googles hot pictures of herself when she’s feeling down. But it’s nice to see her boob obsession confirmed on television.

Playing a game of “Blast from the Past,” Perry, on her second attempt, correctly identifies childhood friend Erika…err…Ahnika. The two were classmates in the sixth and seventh grade and Ahnika doesn’t seem comfortable admitting that she has any connection to the famous singer.

Perry asks, “Do you remember me getting suspended for three days for humping a tree?”

Ahnika quickly deflects and says Perry was the mischievous one. Ahnika must have been the girl Perry kissed that she didn’t like. When Ahnika brings up boobs, Perry has no problem showing off the goods.

“You had a sleepover once at our house,” says Ahnika. “You were telling my younger sister and I that we could not wear a bra to bed because if we did, it would crush our boobs and they would never grow.” That actually sounds like pretty good advice. Perry’s childhood friend goes on to tell the story of Perry bragging that she had to wear two bras because her “boobs were so big.” If she slept in those bras, she would not have had that problem.

Thankfully, fashion has solved Perry’s problem with the invention of bigger bras that fit boobs of all sizes.

Kimmel quickly classes up the segment by shooting hot dogs at Perry, who is no stranger to that experience.

If you’re overseas, you can see Perry and her boobs as part of her Witness tour. Get your hot dogs ready for that one.

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