We’ve Done It, We’ve Found the Worst ‘Instagram Model’ Ever

Ah, Instagram, the social media platform where getting enough thirst-followers makes you a model. If only Twitter worked the same way. I thirst-follow some real dorks on Twitter and I’d love it if Great British Bake-Off winner Frances Quinn started getting put on the cover of Cosmo because of her social media following.

Instead, we have people like “Real-life Lara Croft” Lauren Young, who gets interviewed by FHM despite her extremely poor taste in glorifying assault weapons in the wake of yet another mass shooting.

Oh, a bat wrapped in barbed wire, like that sociopath in The Walking Dead. Nothing says sexy like a reckless disregard for human life.

Here’s Lauren at a gun show, where anyone can buy some weapons to shoot up a school, church, mosque or shopping mall without a background check, advertising the best products for you to use in your next mass shooting. Isn’t she sexy?

Here she is subtly pushing that Benghazi conspiracy theory Republicans won’t shut up about.

Let’s see what kind of hard-hitting questions FHM asked her.

FHM: Sort Of Related, What’s The One Skill A Guy Must Have To Even Get Your Attention?

Lauren Young: “If a guy can make me laugh, and keep up with my movie quotes, I’m impressed. Originality is always refreshing!”

Wow, I’m sold. She’s clearly a deep thinker and not just an empty-headed twerp giving gun fetishists a boner.

Hey, look at that Ronald Reagan shirt! He knew a thing or two about selling guns, specifically to Iran, didn’t he?

I like that shirt, it’s a gun made out of the flag and it says “Stay Free” in a post advetising for a gun manufacturer. I’d like the freedom to go grocery shopping without worring about being shot, do you have a half-shirt with a witty reference to that?

Man, The Cramps were mocking this stuff in 1990, we haven’t moved forward since then?

Oh hey, and she opposes background checks for gun sales. That position’s aged well.

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Tiffany Thompson
Tiffany Thompson
1 year ago

99.99999% of people use those guns for good. Such a poorly written piece.

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