Lindsay Lohan Wants You to Lawyer Up

Wonder what Lindsay Lohan is up to nowadays? Well, she wants to help keep you out of jail by finding the right lawyer for you.

In the promo, Lohan begins by admitting that she was skeptical about the pitch because she “thought she was in trouble” when the website reached out. But then, she realized the beauty of the ad. Who better to promote lawyers than the woman who needed them from the moment she became legal?

Lohan jokes about the one, or two, or three, or some other DUI’s she’s gotten in her life before letting you know that “ is always here for you.”

This is Lohan’s first big media appearance in, like, forever. Seriously, it’s been a long time. The last relevant appearance she had was a cameo on 2 Broke Girls.  She’s spent the past couple of years defending Donald Trump and defending Harvey Weinstein, both of whom could use

She’s been living outside the United States during her time away from Hollywood, converting to Muslim and talking in a weird accent for no reason.

Whether or not this is a one-off for the Mean Girls alum or the start of her return to acting remains to be seen.

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