Check Out the Hot Mackenzie Dern, UFC’s Next Superstar (They Hope)

Who is Mackenzie Dern? That’s what people are gonna say after her Saturday night UFC debut against Ashley Yoder at UFC 222. Dern’s getting tons of hype with UFC trying to fill their Ronda Rousey void with her.

It’s not hard to see why the UFC wants her to be their next superstar.

The girl looks attractive in a gi, a bikini, in a T-shirt. Being good looking doesn’t hurt when it comes to being popular. Of course. She’s peppered her Instagram with the occasional cleavage.

Pretty obvious what angle she’s working when it comes to her pics.

But can she match the hype? We’ll see Saturday night. Dern’s undefeated, super impressive, until you consider she’s had only five fights. She’s a jiu-jitsu specialist so it’s not a surprise she wins most of her fights by submission.

Dern, who’s 24, has lots of time to grow. The strawweight division is relatively stacked in the top 10. It’d be hard for someone with her limited MMA experience breaking through right now. What’s interesting is that everyone in the women strawweight’s top 10 deserves a big push from the UFC. Perhaps they should start posing in bikinis on Instagram.

Dern started off in Arizona, but gradually made her way to Brazil. People are laughing at how she’s gone from having no accent to speaking with a Brazilian accent. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome but a little different.

Pretty funny, but not a big deal. Her dad is Brazilian so it’s not like she had zero exposure to Brazilian accents.

Will Dern be the next Rousey? Hopefully she’ll at least learn to take a punch to the face. Also, there have been a few hyped prospects who haven’t lived up to expectations. There’s Paige Van Zant and Sage Northcutt. Van Zant at least had Dancing with the Stars to supplement her underwhelming MMA career. Northcutt still has time to improve.

It’s unlikely Dern reaches Rousey’s level of fame. Rousey came at the right time when women’s fighting was in its infancy. Later, she got exposed. If Dern flames out, maybe she can sell Fit Tea on her Instagram.

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